Gaius J. Augustus


Research Advisor: 
Dr. Nathan Ellis
Research Topic: 

My work focuses on cancer health disparities, specifically elucidating mechanisms by which African Americans, as well as young people, are more at risk for colorectal cancer.

Previous Institution: 
Kennesaw State University
Kennesaw, GA
Integrative Studies with a focus in Chemistry and Biology
Year Entered: 
Lab Rotations: 
Dr. Justina McEvoy, Dr. Tim Bolger
What did you do between undergraduate and graduate school?: 
I went straight from undergrad to grad school. I spent the summer in between making comics and writing a novel.
What do you do outside of lab?: 
I'm involved with the local trans* and queer community, including helping with the annual GENDERowdy picnic. I am part of the Tucson Steampunk Society. I cosplay and go to comic and anime conventions. I also love to draw and do creative writing. I currently run a blog about the culture of science and hope to get some experience in science communication.
What service opportunities do you engage in?: 
I help with Carpentries, workshops to teach researchers how to code and analyze their data. Additionally, I am a website curator for the Cancer Biology GIDP website. I also worked on the website redesign of the ABBS website in 2016. I am on the curriculum development team for CBIO.
What honors and awards have you received?: 
(2017-2019) Cancer Biology Training Grant (T32 CA009213); (2017) AACR Scholar-in-Training Travel Award; (2017) GMaP Travel Award; (2016) Summer Institutes for Statistical Genetics Scholarship; (2015) AACR Scholar-in-Training Travel Award
Dates on Training Grant: