Brittany L. Forte



Research Advisor: 
Dr. Samuel K. Campos
Research Topic: 

Human Papillomavirus (HPV) is the most common sexually transmitted infection and causes about 5% of all cancers worldwide. While there are effective HPV vaccines, they do not provide protection against all cancer-causing types, and further, little is known about the interactions between HPV and the immune system. My dissertation project focuses on the evasion and antagonism of the innate immune system by HPV and the impact of such activity on the viral life cycle.

Previous Institution: 
University of Arizona
Biochemistry and Molecular & Cellular Biology, BS; Mathematics Minor
Tucson, AZ
Year Entered: 
Lab Rotations: 
Dr. Joyce Schroeder, Dr. Ghassan Mouneimne
What school-affiliated activities/clubs are you a part of?: 
I regularly participate in Intramural sports through the Campus Rec, and I am a University Fellow.
What did you do between undergraduate and graduate school?: 
I directly transitioned from undergraduate to graduate school.
What do you do outside of lab?: 
Outside of lab, I enjoy weight training, hiking, and cooking.
What service opportunities do you engage in?: 
During my time as a graduate student, I have served on the Joint Biology Retreat committee, mentored an undergraduate student, taught introductory science classes to 9th graders, and hosted numerous lab tours for a wide range of students. Additionally, I have worked with Habitat for Humanity, Ben's Bells, Tucson Food Bank, and S.Y.STEM Coalition.
What honors and awards have you received?: 
I am currently a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow. During my first year, I was award the University Fellows fellowship. I have also received number poster and oral presentation awards at different conferences throughout my graduate career.