Wen Yu “Amy” Wong



Research Advisor: 
Dr. Kirsten Limesand
Research Topic: 

Role of adherens junction interactions and the actin cytoskeleton following radiation-induced damage and post-therapeutic IGF1 in salivary glands

Previous Institution: 
Ohio Wesleyan University; Honors College
Major: Microbiology and Psychology
Delaware, OH
Year Entered: 
Lab Rotations: 
Dr. Tricia Serio, Dr. Kirsten Limesand, Dr. Bernard Futscher
What did you do between undergraduate and graduate school?: 
I went straight from undergrad to graduate school. But during the summer in between, I was a science teacher and afternoon activities coordinator for AmeriCorps in underprivileged school districts
What do you do outside of lab?: 
(1) Training for the Tour of Tucson, Tri for the Cure, Holualoa Tucson Half-Marathon (2) Watch marathons of crime-based TV shows or Korean dramas (3) Playing card and/or board games (4) Exploring the outdoors (hiking, kayaking) primarily to get away from the heat (5) Cooking and trying new recipes (5) Thinking about lab work
What service opportunities do you engage in?: 
(2015-Present) University of Arizona ABBS and Cancer Biology Website Manager (2015-Present) Habitat for Humanities (2016 and 2017) University of Arizona Undergraduate KEYS program (2014-2015) University of Arizona Biology Retreat Committee
What honors and awards have you received?: 
(2017-2019) Cancer Biology Training Grant (T32 CA009213) (2017) Herbert E. Carter Travel Award (2015) Betty Chastain Education Foundation/AA Scholarship (2014) University of Arizona Graduate Access Fellowship (2014) Phi Kappa Phi Honors Society (2014) AmeriCorps National and Community Educational Scholarship
Dates on Training Grant: