Welcome to the Cancer Biology Graduate Interdisciplinary Program at The University of Arizona. Cancer Biology is the comparative study of the biology of normal and cancerous cells and tissues. The discipline includes the study of normal and tumor cell biology and biochemistry, cancer etiology, and biological rationale for cancer therapy and prevention. Research conducted by students in Cancer Biology Graduate Interdisciplinary Program may be focused in specialized areas such as biochemistry, genetics, molecular and cellular biology, pharmacology or microbiology.

Graduate students in the Cancer Biology Graduate Interdsiciplinary Program will:

  1. Be able to think critically and think independently.
  2. Be able to define key questions in cancer biology that require investigation.
  3. Learn to communicate effectively in both written and oral forms.
  4. Develop an awareness of and skill in current and modern technologies.
  5. Develop a comprehensive awareness of treatment and management modalities for cancer.
  6. Acquire the professional skills necessary for a career in academia or industry.

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