Shariful Islam



Research Advisor: 
Daruka Mahadevan, MD, PhD
Research Topic: 

Characterizing Therapy Induced Polyploidy (TIP) and Senescence (TIS) populations as a resistance mechanism in DH/DE-DLBCL and identifying synthetic lethal targeted therapies

Previous Institution: 
MS in Microbiology
University of Dhaka, Bangladesh
University of Tennessee Health Science Center, PhD Student
Year Entered: 
What did you do between undergraduate and graduate school?: 
Jobs in Pharmaceuticals and also in Research Institute
What do you do outside of lab?: 
Discover Natural Beauty
What service opportunities do you engage in?: 
Mentors for summer programs
What honors and awards have you received?: 
Carter Travel Award Application to attend the American Association for Cancer Research; Travel Award from CBio Program; Dean's Award, Biological Sciences, University of Dhaka; Provost Award, Amar Ekushey Hall, University of Dhaka