Diana Evelyn Villa Guillen


Research Advisor: 
Dr. Sherry Chow
Research Topic: 

My project consists of evaluating breast density as a breast cancer risk factor in premenopausal women with elements of metabolic syndrome and high adiposity.

Previous Institution: 
BS & MS University of Sonora
Hermosillo, Mexico
Clinical Analysis c/o 2008
Year Entered: 
Lab Rotations: 
Dr. Marty Pagel
What did you do between undergraduate and graduate school?: 
I earned a Masters in Health (2011) and I worked at the University of Sonora State (UES) as a university professor. I was the major instructor of the courses of Hazardous Materials, Structure and Properties of Materials, and Fluids and Thermal Phenomena.
What do you do outside of lab?: 
Studying papers and writing my dissertation.
What service opportunities do you engage in?: 
I was the Grad Rep of 2016-2017 and it was a great experience.
What honors and awards have you received?: 
(2004) Distinguished Student of the Chemical Biology Program, (2005) Outstanding Participation in the X Scientific Summer of the Pacific, (2006) Distinguished Student of the Major in Clinical Analysis, (2008) Best Student of Class 2003-2008, (2008) Best Graduate of 2008 of the Chemical Biology and Health Department of the University of Sonora, (2011) First Place in Poster Contest of the XCVIII National Reunion of the Mexican Association of Microbiology and Parasitology Professors, (2014) CONACyT Scholarship for Doctorate Studies in Foreign Countries